A Midas Touch


Nike’s “liquid metallic” pack (includes a set in silver) are undoubtably the most coveted release in 2013. Although this is a NWSW exclusive, we will be fighting over our male counterparts for these. Is this something you will dip into? My California Golden heart says yes!

Stay strong stay golden, girls!

SRP PHP8,600

Release date: November 2013



5 Secrets of summer style


Summer inspiration from one of Forbes top-earning models, Alessandra Ambrosio.

1) Chole Sneaker wedge 2)Ripped denim shorts 3)Loose knit layered shirt 4)White blazer 5)Messenger bag

alessandra_ambrosios_wedge_sneakers 1Alessandra-Ambrosio-100912x-11

Images complements of WSW

Love on top


Sasha redefines the SW with this fierce custom PMK Isabel Marant. The “perfectly made” King Bey is handcrafted with stingray, ostrich, calf, croc, and anaconda.

My thoughts… Baby it’s you, you’re the one I love, you’re the only one I need. Finally you put my love on top.


PMK Customs is a custom sneaker company that was originally created to provide customers with hand painted custom footwear options. Learn more about the King Bey on the PMK blog.

Why Women marry b*tches


Jessica Biel wedging around with the dreamy JT. What’s on her feet? Nike Dunk Sky High Print sail/black.

Find it: Nike Park, Fort Bonifacio Philippines

White, Style – Color # 543258-100, P4795


Huffington Post reports, “In 2007, Justin told Vanity Fair that ‘Jessica was single-handedly the most significant person in my life.'” Funny thing, rumors reported that he was cheating on her with Olivia Munn at the time. Don’t hold your breath JT, “What goes around comes around.”


Photo Credit: Celebkicks

I’m Chinese when I want to be


I like to think I’m part of a very convenient Chinese culture-red envelops, fire crackers, Feng Shui, and of course Nike Dunk Sky High Year of the Snake sneaker wedges. Must be a good year for me.

Quick-strike release Friday February 15th.

Location: Planet Sports

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Philippines

#YOTS interesting fact: According to Chinese culture, “Snake people can be loners and aloof at times.”

Kill, Marry, F*k

Sky Hi City Pack_wedgicide.com

Now that Nike has gotten over the fact that they didn’t invent the sneaker wedge, the team decided to enter the industry in 5 huge ways.

1. New York 2/9 |Black, Silver with synth. pony

2. London 2/16 |Red flannel

3. Milan 2/23 |Synth. Croc

4. Paris 3/2 |Black & White Checker

5. Tokyo 3/19 |Camel

Dates don’t look familiar? Releases coincide with the largest traveling circus- Fashion Week.

I think my invitation got lost in the mail.

Kill: London


Marry: Milan


F*k: Tokyo


General release 3/27. Come back for more details on the Philippines release.

Thanks Themerrymakers.be  for the detailed release info.